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The SEO playbook

The only SEO checklist you will ever need + an ebook explaining how to do SEO!
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    Tomek Rudzki
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Book Reviews

See what SEO experts say about the SEO Playbook:
The SEO Playbook is THE e-book that covers all aspects of SEO. Not only does it explain the theory and fundamentals behind every SEO principle, but it also walks us through identifying and auditing our websites.

Coming with a handy checklist, I highly recommend this e-book whether you're getting started in SEO or looking to skill up your knowledge
Areej AbuAli
Founder, Women in TechSEO
If I were to read one SEO book in my lifetime, this would be the one!

I know Tomek for years; he lives and breathes technical SEO. One could say that this is Tomek's autobiography.
Bartosz Góralewicz
CEO, Onely
I believe this is the most organized resource, Google will envy this book.
Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR
CEO, Holistic SEO
This is amazing, it’s like a bible of SEO. Kudos for the time and effort that must have gone into writing this! This is a beast of a resource!
Sam Marsden
SEO Manager, Glassdoor
Tomek's SEO Playbook is an amazing, actionable and well written summary on modern Search Engine Optimization. Visibility in search engines is the result of best practice and website quality - and following Tomek's step by step guide helps efficiently archiving exactly that. Buy it!
Dominik Schwartz
Inhouse SEO, Home2Go
Tomek covers most important information to start and develop organic visibility. Good topic coverage and easy to understand tips are very helpful. All chapters have very good index of sources, to dive deeper in specific subject.
Pawel Sokołowski
Cofounder, Contadu

What Will You Get From This PlayBook?

The Playbook consists of two parts:

1. Actionable SEO checklist with 140 items, divided into categories


2. A 200-page ebook explaining EVERY item in the checklist


Actionable tips

I give you actionable tips & teach you how to do SEO.

Learn WHY

Most SEO resources teaches you how to do things. I cover both HOW and WHY.

From Beginner to Advanced SEO

I cover SEO activities both for beginners and advanced SEO.

Advanced SEO tips

There are very few resources about JavaScript SEO, International SEO, Indexing SEO on the internet. This ebook fill this gap.

140 items on the checklist

Part of the playbook is an SEO checklist that consists of 140 items. Every step is explained in the ebook.

Frequent updates

SEO has been changing regularly The knowledge can quickly become outdated. Worry not! A few times per year you will get an updated version of the SEO Playbook for free!
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Topics Covered:

  • cover
  • author A book by
    Tomek Rudzki
  1. SEO Basics
  2. OnPage SEO
  3. Internal linking
  4. Page Speed
  5. Local SEO
  6. International SEO
  7. Technical SEO

Who Is This Book For?

SEO Juniors & interns

I believe my playbook is a unique mix of information on HOW we do certain things and WHY.

Website owners & developers

Advanced SEOs

Nobody knows everything. I will be happy if you play around with sections you’re not familiar with and increase your knowledge. I'm sure you will learn a lot!

About The Author

I’m Tomek Rudzki. Dissecting how Google Search Engine works is my passion.

I love sharing my knowledge & experience about SEO. I was a speaker at various international conferences, including BrightonSEO and SMX.

My articles have been published on MOZ, SearchEngineJournal, Ryte, Onely.

I'm also a co-founder of ZipTie.dev, an online tool helping companies fix their problems with indexing in Google.

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